Community Projects


This is a community project that gives an opportunity to local kids and takes part in art workshops, it is also a project that involves the artists to participate in creating murals


This is a project that gives an opportunity to local kids and takes part in learning how to skate, the workshops are run by one of our local guide who is passionate about skating


As we leave in a community that is surrounded by beautiful mountains we give an opportunity to our local teenagers and hike with us, we let them participate in cycling programs


This is a program that gives an opportunity to females of different ages to learn how to cycle


This is a project done by local and international artists and guests to paint murals that inspire, educates and tell stories


Because we believe in responsible tourism in this project we will create home gardens for the community and the families own the garden and whatever they produce.


This is a space for local artists where we give them a free space and unlock their creativity , we also offer a gallery space to exhibit their work .

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